At Newmarket School we have developed a local curriculum with the New Zealand Curriculum as our guiding document. The NZC document enables local communities to develop a localised curriculum in response to the principles, values and vision of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Newmarket students will have the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understandings in the learning areas of mathematics, english (numeracy and literacy), the arts, science, social sciences, technology, health and physical education as well as developing the key competencies through a range of experiences for learning (EFLs).

In the early years children learn the skills of reading, writing and numeracy so that they can explore into their world and engage in authentic learning contexts as they progress in their learning. Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to want to read and write and develop numeracy skills because of the learning activities and opportunities that they are involved in.

The Newmarket Curriculum framework will be developed around our vision

We aspire to grow connected, generous and thoughtful leaders who reach for the stars”

Our learning focus is framed around Leading Self (Whanaungatanga, Self Management, Connectedness), Leading with Others (Manaakitanga, Relationships, Generosity of Spirit) and Leading in our World (Kaitiakitanga, Guardianship, Changing our world).

Using our key values and concepts to guide our teaching - Respect, Kindness and Perseverance students/learners will experience learning activities that consolidate their understanding of our school learning culture.

The Newmarket Curriculum will encourage children to explore their questions within the defined concept, develop new knowledge and understandings through this process.