Extra Curricular

Fine Young Artists
This programme runs if there is enough demand for this after-school fine arts teaching programme.  Please visit the Fine Young Artists website for further details and current venues.  

Mandarin classes are held on Thursday afternoons 3.10pm - 5.10pm in Rooms 2,3 and 4 (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). If there is any child who wishes to join please contact the teachers who run the classes.  

Contact: Donglan at 022 1245619 or donglan.zhang@auckland.ac.nz

Music Tuition

Mary Lee offers individual piano, keyboard and flute lessons at school during the school day. Please phone Mary on 09 - 528 8515 or 021 060 8567 or email maryiclee@gmail.com for further information.

A wide variety of sports is on offer at the school and as part of the local Zone school sports events and competitions.

Kelly Sports at Newmarket School"Giving Kids a Sporting Chance"

Kelly Sports is held after school on Tuesdays, 3.15 - 4.15pm.  
Multisport Madness Programme
Where children can develop a passion for such sports as cricket, football, rugby, athletics and netball as they learn new skills essential to these sports. 
Super Skills Programme
Also offered after school and is a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop key sporting skills and a chance to gain confidence, as they improve their catching, kicking, throwing, striking, running and jumping.
A Player of the Day Trophy is awarded every session for each programme on offer and it is heaps of fun. So come on kids have a go. If not enough enrolments for both programmes, we will hold a combination group.  

To enrol: Visit www.kellysports.co.nz
For further information: Please contact Daniel Montgomerie on 0212582696 or daniel@kellysports.co.nz 

Winton Ruffer Soccer